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This is the Era of Personality!

 Choose your own hat of personality!

  Select a cap of your own unique design!!



·UPCAP allows snapback and angle-control brim functions, two trends that are

   very popular to the younger generation today.

   Domestic Patent Registration ID (#10-1334931) & Overseas (US, China, Japan,

   Vietnam, India) patents pending.


·UPCAP designs are unique for its technique, patented first in the world through

   the hands of a hat-maker with over 35 years of experience. UPCAP offers

   designs to not only maintain the basic form of a cap, but also to create two

   additional styles with only a touch.


·UPCAP allows different styles for the brim, from basic styles to snapback styles,

   sports-oriented curved styles, and any other wanted brim styles.

  ·UPCAP’s unique patented feature of its brim prevents heat

   from irritating theface which gives it its comfortable



·In addition to its ability to prevent heat irritation, the unique brim prevents wind from blowing thehat away. The Brim also provides an excellent opportunity to maximize advertisement effect.



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