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│ Description │

UPCAP maintains the basic hat designs while allowing two different styles which were developed and patented by our hat master with 35 years of experience.

│ Function │

* UPCAP is used with the same purposes as a regular cap with a brim. Adding this unique functionality to UPCAP has given it its various design and maximizes the effect of advertisements.
* UPCAP's patented functionality of raising and lowering the brim prevents the heat from the surface irritating the face which increases UPCAP’s comfortable wear-ability.
* UPCAP not only prevents heat from irritating the face, but also prevents the wind from flying the hat away. Moreover, one can include advertisements or logos on the lower brim for the purposes of advertisement or fashion.

│ Feature │

* With patents in 5 different countries, UPCAP will be trendy globally.
* UPCAP adds to the basic hats with its unique brim functionality. Not only is UPCAP practical, it allows various styles and increased advertisement effects.
* In addition to the possibility of a basic hat, UPCAP provides new functionality to its brim which allows for multiple styles in one hat.

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